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Laura Harrington x Projecteo

We were absolutely delighted when artist Laura Harrington asked to use our Instagram projectors for her exhibition at Baltic in Newcastle. 

Laura’s work works across a variety of media and her practice responds to the uplands of the North Pennines and the surrounding areas of Northumberland. 

It’s great to see Projecteo in such inspiring circumstances - and the special plinths her husband made are such fantastic idea, we need to get the instructions on how to make them. 

Here’s a little video of Laura explaining her work;

BALTIC 39 | FIGURE TWO: WEEK 5 from BALTIC Archive on Vimeo.

Photo credit : Thanks to Colin Davison for letting us share these. 

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To me, digital projection is just television in public. People leaving their houses to watch a DVD with a bunch of strangers, in a room other than their house.

—Quentin Tarantino, on his rationale for restoring the New Beverly Cinema with only film projectors — no digital. (via parislemon)

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Can you spot our mini projector on the shelves of Angela Tafoya’s eclectic San Francisco apartment? Photos c/o Refinery29. 

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The city of Sydney, Australia is currently hosting its awesome annual exhibition of light and music. Entitled Vivid Sydney, the show runs through June 9th, is free for the public and consists of dozens of stunning light sculptures and otherworldly light projections throughout the downtown area and in Sydney Harbour.

Head over to the Vivid Sydney website or their Facebook page for additional images and information.

[via Colossal]